SIX SAINTS (2008-2013)

Six Saints is a series of performances investigating various time-concepts; an artistic analysis of six famous Danes, who have concerned themselves with light, energy and time. These are closely related topics, since no event can happen faster than the speed of electromagnetic radiation. The research also touches on other topics shared by physics and the performing arts; like the questions of documentation and observation. The relevant time-concept, I have focused on for each scientist, is:

Tycho Brahe: Time is absent, only space is relevant.
Ole Rømer: Time has a limited speed, and therefore a substance.
H.C.Ørsted: Only time matters, space is irrelevant.
Søren Kierkegaard: Living forwards, thinking backwards.
Niels Bohr: Existing in parallel spaces at the same time.
Lene Hau: Slowing down and stopping time.

See the individual projects for more information about how I have translated these time-concepts into performance art.