Lene Hau

2012: Samtalekøkkenet, Nikolaj Kunsthal, Copenhagen.
2011: Performance Science Contest, Giessen, Germany (Second Prize)
2011: ACTS festival, Museum for Contemporary Art, Roskilde.

Is it possible to stop time in a live performance?

Lene Hau (1959-) managed to slow down and eventually stop light in a bose-einstein condensate; a state, where the atoms are so cold and quiet, that they can be arranged in a tight pattern like sugar cubes in a box and won´t let light pass through. As nothing can happen faster than the speed of light,  stopping light is like stopping time.

In my interpretation, I investigate, if it is possible to stop the forward motion of time in a live performance. To this purpose, I create a condensate – not of atoms, but of documentation. For each action, I document everything, that has happened so far, meaning that the interval between the live, forward actions, grows and grows until the audience must wait hours, days, months, and eventually forever for the performance to proceed.