2013: BORA BORA, DNA festival (Århus)/ Pumpehuset, Hitparaden Festival (Copenhagen)/ Kunstraum t27, Monat der Performancekunst (Berlin),

Can a performance happen in time only, with no space?

Hans Christian Ørsted (1777-1851) discovered electromagnetism; that an electric current is magnetic. He regarded it proof of his belief, that the worlds true and eternal substance is “change”. All material objects and bodies are but temporary. The energy uniting and igniting the world is symbolized by electricity, and by language; the current, that transfers ideas from a person to another. H.C.Ørsted added about 2000 self-invented words to the danish language.

In my interpretation, I create a performance, that consists solely in time and has no space. I transfer energy, ideas and images to the minds and imaginations of an audience by using words of Ørsteds invention (such as “pæreprøve”, “æderedskab”, “råberør” ,”rødkålsvand”… ) to describe a performance, that only I will ever see; a choreography performed and sold to me by the dance company Don*Gnu as decribed in the contract. The work of Don*Gnu is based on a famous passage from Shakespeares “Macbeth”, which describes the relationship between theater and life, while expressing a time concept not unlike H.C. Ørsteds.

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