Tycho Brahe

2013: BORA BORA, Århus/ Hitparaden Festival, Copenhagen/ Monat der Performancekunst, Berlin.

Can a performance happen in space only, with no time?

Tycho Brahe (1546-1601) was the first astronomer to believe his own eyes and not the books. He constructed his own instruments in order to measure the stars and their positions as accurately as possible. Clocks were not very precise then, so he calculated the time as the difference between two physical positions of the stars. Tycho Brahe lived with one foot in the middle ages; in a feudal society. Time was mainly of practical interest to the farmers, and had not yet attained the present connotations of change, improvement and progress.

In my interpretation, I attempt to create a performance, which is pure space, and where time plays no role. It is an installation, that breaks down and recreates a performance ordered and bought from the dance company Don*Gnu : A choreography for my eyes only.

The installation is based on the German mathematican, Werner Grosse, and his theories for “TILTING TIME”; an equation, that changes the time coordinates of a movie into spatial coordinates.

See also: SIX SAINTS: HC Ørsted, a performance, that happens solely in time.